Planned care

Discussions from Bedfordshire Stakeholder Forums

10 April

Delegates were asked to discuss where on the new spectrum of care 'heat map' chart they would like to see care delivered for various conditions and situations. View feedback for Planned Care.

26 February

The first meeting of the Bedfordshire Stakeholder Forum of local residents and organisations was on 26 February 2014. Here is a summary of the opening discussion from the Planned Care group.

  • GP surgeries can educate patients on where to go for symptom diagnosis and the best care.
  • If patients are accessing health services through different routes (face-to-face, telephone, internet etc), they need to be triaged in surgery.
  • EPP, carers and other help groups can offer knowledge and feedback.
  • It’s important not to lose the interaction between NHS and private healthcare.

Participants were asked to rate aspects of healthcare provision. You can see the output from this 'target exercise' here.

The group developed the following priorities.

  • Money for delivery – more community support networks, good neighbourhood scheme and a look at what community GPs can provide – blood tests, midwives etc.
  • Planned operations 
  • Patient Navigation – signposting patients to right service for them
  • Overall education (professional and patient) local support and EPP (Expert patients)
  • Blood and routine tests locally
  • Pre-care and after-care from hospital discharge
  • Integrated working and budgets,  NHS/Councils
  • School nursing with counsellors  and child mental health