Children & maternity

Discussions from Bedfordshire Stakeholder Forums

10 April

Delegates were asked to discuss where on the new spectrum of care 'heat map' chart they would like to see care delivered for various conditions and situations. View feedback for Children & Maternity

26 February

The first meeting of the Bedfordshire Stakeholder Forum of local residents and organisations was on 26 February 2014. Here is a summary of the opening discussion from the Children and Maternity group.

  • People had positive midwife and maternity services experiences at Bedford and Luton & Dunstable hospitals, but the experience of children and young people with complex needs and their families was less positive.
  • It was felt that there is a lack of services to support children with long term conditions. Who supports the carers and how do we ensure they get the support they need?
  • The group felt that staff at Bedford Hospital were mostly caring and compassionate and there had been improvements at the hospital in recent months, but there was more to do in terms of culture, experience, technical expertise, recognition of parents as carers and environment.
  • Some felt that child and adolescent mental health services needed improving and that there was a need for more talking therapies, even for those with complex learning difficulties. There didn’t seem to be a provider for this.
  • There were general concerns from parents about not being listened to when their children have been ill.
  • Better out-of-hours services would take pressure of A&E. GP afternoon drop-in sessions were praised. Many felt parents didn’t know where to go for what service, or what to expect.
  • People should be able to access services locally in an emergency, but may need to travel further afield for more ‘expert’ care.

The participants were asked to rate aspects of healthcare provision. You can see the output from this 'target exercise' here.

The group developed the following priorities.

  • Joined up working across health, education and social care (for children and maternity services)
  • Prevention and early intervention (for children and maternity services)
  • Local access to post and antenatal care for those women who are in ‘high risk’ category
  • Choice of delivery e.g. where is it, local provider, home (for maternity services)
  • Skilled and knowledgeable workforce – that give consistent advice
  • Local services at right level, but with access to specialist services when needed (for children and maternity services)
  • Child and adolescent mental health services, especially for our most vulnerable children and young people
  • Transitions
  • Accessibility of services for all children and young people that have a needed (linked to work around assessment and integration)
  • Teenage sexual health – equity of services across Bedfordshire and ensure that they link in with other appropriate services e.g. CAMHS