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In Bedfordshire, during the study phase of the Review, a series of open meetings were held in each locality to give local people the opportunity to find out more and have their say.

Meetings took place as follows:

Leighton Buzzard - 25 March 2014

Bedford - 1 April and 8 May 2014

Flitwick (West Mid Beds) - 3 April 2014

Dunstable - 30 April 2014

Ivel Valley - Shefford (2 April 2014) and Biggleswade (16 April 2014)

Your feedback

Following a presentation from local GPs and senior members of the BCCG Executive Team, round table workshops were undertaken to identify what local people would like to see from local health services in their area and understand their attitudes to some initial ideas being developed through the review.

Some key issues emerged:

  • Greater access to GP appointments is needed
  • Blood tests to be carried out in GP practices rather than having to go to hospital
  • Better communication and integration between different parts of the NHS, social services and other community and voluntary groups
  • Improved use of technology for communicating with patients
  • Better information and education, so patients can take more responsibility for their own health, know where to go to access the services they need and don’t use emergency services and A&E unnecessarily
  • More services locally in GP practices or community settings e.g. x-ray, minor injuries, minor operations
  • More ‘community beds’, offering a halfway house for people needing support when they come out of hospital
  • A 24/7 out-of-hours GP service to reduce the pressure on A&E

For more detailed feedback from each of the meetings, follow the links above or on the left hand side of this page. We would like to take the opportunity to thank those who attended for their interesting and useful feedback.

How were the events promoted?

In the 'Promotional materials' section on the right, you can see:

  • A copy of the advertisement that we placed in local newspapers ahead of the meetings.
  • Copies of the leaflets and posters that we distributed to hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies, dentists, opticians, libraries and children's centres throughout Bedford Borough to let people know about the meeting.